We Tried Every Lotus Biscoff Dessert In London

♡ We Tried Every Lotus Biscoff Dessert In London | Mei-Ying Chow x Lotus Speculoos ♡

I proudly present, the official Lotus Biscoff Ranking – stay till the end to see the leaderboard – pls do, because it took me hours to make haha

I have never had more fun filming a video. This is a literally a dream come true. I would like to thank Ammar & Poppy for always supporting my mad ideas. Even though we hit the peak halfway through and my body went into a sugar lock down I will never forget this day.

This video is dedicated to all those lotus biscoff lovers out there. This one if for you.

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If you’ve read this far in the description, comment below your favourite ice cream you’ve every had to earn some secret Chow points!


  1. This was such a fun video🤣 thank you for delivering the laughs at the correct time! I’m very jealous of you all right now we don’t have much lotus biscoff items we only get the biscuits here ☹️ my fav ice-cream is a layered gelato it’s amazing! Have a lovely day💕

    • I’m so glad the video could make you smile and laugh!! That’s such a nice feeling 🥰💕 it looks like I shall have to send you a hamper of biscoff items then in return for all your chow points totalling well over 200!!

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