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♡ Scrapbook Ideas & Inspiration || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

This video where I decorate my scrapbook, giving you some of my top tips to create your own journal and show you all of the scrapbook tools! I hope it gave you some inspiration to start your own diary!

Materials 🎨
Scrapbook – £5.95
Label Maker – £10  
Alphabet Stamp Kit – £10.99  
Sakura white gel pen – £8.99  
Photo corners – £2  
Washi Tape –
Sticker Paper Clear –
Sticker Paper Brown –
Sticker Paper Matte White –
Spray Adhesive –

The polaroid document here 🎞
Just download it and edit it offline by inserting your photos and making them fit into the right dimensions.

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    • Yes honestly such a bargain!! It was only £3/4 compared to the £12. Granted there aren’t numbers and they’re bigger but they’re still perfect for scrapbooking 👌🏼✨

  1. I’ve actually really wanted to start scrapbooking and I’ve been watching all your scrapbook videos! Thank you soo much! You are my inspiration! 😊😁📒

    • That’s really lovely to hear 🥰 I’m so glad my videos could help – I would love to see some of your pages 💕 Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful day!!

    • Thank you Liz!! That’s so kind of you to say 🥰 I’m sure you’re incredibly talented and your pages will be so lovely to look back on ❤️ sending big hugs ✨

  2. OMGawd your layout is so pretty!! 🌸🌸 I love the Polaroid’s you use it adds such a nice look to your scrapbook!!! I have just started scrapbooking!! I’m using all your videos as inspiration – as they look so GOOD! 💐💐💜💜 Your washi tapes and stickers are so NICE so I have gone on Stationary pal and bought some!!! 😂 💜❤️💖

    • Haha yes!!! Stationery pal has such lovely stuff!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment Amber 🥰❤️ that means a lot! I’d love to see some of your pages and I hope you have a great weekend 🌟

    • Mei-Ying Chow I hope you have a great weekend too!!! 🌟🌟 And yes I would love to see what you think of some on my scrapbook pages, I should email them to you some time!!
      Any way have an ace weekend!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And I definitely agree stationary pal is great for scrapbooking supplies!! 😆😁👌❤️

  3. I love this video! Weird question but what printer do you have? Whenever I print on photo paper on mine it doesn’t accept the ink so I really want to get a new printer 😅

  4. My favourite ice cream mmm I’m going to have to go with the classic whippy, vanilla ice cream cone🍦 yummy! Best when you’re at the beach🏖🌞
    What’s yours ?:)

  5. Always love seeing you scrapbook!! Recently got invested in transparent gel stamps that give a really clean outline which you can colour in after and I think they’re fab!

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