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♡ completed scrapbook flip through || how to scrapbook ♡

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polaroid document : download the google document and edit it offline by inserting photos of your choice into the template

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brown ribbon scrapbook A4:

Instax mini link printer:

Instax blue marble film:

background paper trim craft:

christmas background paper:

Stationerypal – stickers and backgrounds:

white gel pen:

photo corner stickers:

3m craft spray adhesive:

alphabet stamp kit:

wax melt letter sealing kit:

washi tape collection:

paperchase London stickers

00:00 intro
01:06 my beginner pages
01:42 my favourite pages
02:36 people and pets
03:07 family holiday
03:58 the power of colour themes
05:58 university
07:18 France
08:14 interrailing around Europe
09:30 i ❤️ maps
09:50 Portugal
10:35 more of 🇫🇷
10:53 writing a letter to my future self
11:36 nana & grandad
12:01 photo corner stickers for the win
12:16 how to make a folder
12:31 my new scrapbook

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  1. Omg I just came onto YouTube to watch your vids for scrapbook inspiration as I’m doing my first ever page rn, and u just posted this! Couldn’t of come at a better time😂☺️x

  2. Love it !! Bought a scrap book years ago and never got round to doing it – now I can see the huge benefit of logging your memories in a fascinating way

    • Thank you so much Ava! I’m so glad you enjoy my videos and I wish you the best of luck with starting your scrapbook ❤️ I’m sure it’ll be beautiful xx

  3. I wanna start scrapbooking to but idk where to start😅 do I have ideas for that? I don’t go to a lot of places but I been to Amsterdam, paris, turkey, but I’m planning to travel when I saved some money, I live in the Netherlands so I can visit Amsterdam in holidays (when stores are open Ofcourse because we in lockdown now)

    • That sounds like an amazing start! Don’t forget your hometown too – my Brighton page was dedicated to where I grew up and went to school. Start by printing off your favourite photos on some printing paper or getting them printed in a shop and find some nice layouts you like and then stick them down and jot down some fond memories ✨❤️ enjoy and I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!!

  4. i LOVE LOVE this video . Your videos of scrapbooking really helped me for inspo and skills when i started.i follow you on pinterest too<3 i still have a long way to go love your content <3

  5. I got inspired by your scrapbook videos last year and i thought of doing scrapbooking myself. But i’ve been searching for a scrapbook for months and still haven’t found one yet. They hardly sell scrapbooks or craft books like yours in my country. Maybe you can give a recommendation of another book that’s good for scrapbooking?
    Still, i’m willing to get into scrapbooking if i ever find one. Love your videos btw, i enjoy them! 😀

  6. I loved this video! I think I might start a scrapbook this summer and then hopefully when I go to university I can carry it on! Yours is beautiful ! I hope you’re safe and doing okay 🙂

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