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♡ how to take uni notes on notion || university revision ♡

University Note Taking Tips 2021: this is how to make the best first class lecture notes! I never thought I’d be converted to online notes, but here we are!! Enjoy 💜

stuff 📦
my uni template:
ali abdaal notion:
samuel suresh notion:

00:00 intro
00:46 module notes homepage
00:58 lecture notes – contents page
01:12 reading notes – hyperlinks
01:48 command f & control p
02:51 company law notes – the good part of the video
03:33 case templates
04:28 relational databases
05:11 emojis
05:37 reading notes – toggles
06:50 inline lists
07:13 calendars & tables
07:41 goodbyes

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University Advice 2021. If you're looking to find a way to make the best first class lecture notes ever then this video is for you.


  1. This is exactly that I needed!! My uni notes from last term are so all over the place so a system like Notion is much needed but I would have no idea where to start without this!! 🥰

    • I’m doing really well thank you – trying not to get drowned in deadlines by the second week but I’m so glad to see your comment this week 🥰 have a lovely day!!

    • You sure can! In my CSR notes I’ve got pictures of my lecture slides and quotes from google. You just copy and paste like normal or drag them in ✨

  2. I recently started using notion and everyday I find wonderful videos like yours on how to make it better!! feels like the possibilities are endless with it! Hope you’re having a lovely week Mei-ying! I’ve heard back from all my offers but still waiting for KCL 🙁 I did get one for QMUL so still may see you around London 🙂

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