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♡ how to write THE personal statement for an Economics and Business Management degree || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

The video where I read you my personal statement and how you can write one to make you stand out from the crowd and tick all the boxes. I hope you guys found this helpful and if you have any questions then please do let mw know!

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my 3 fav books
Thinking, fast and slow – Daniel Kahneman
misbehaving – Richard H. thaler
predictably irrational – Dan Ariely
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    • haha a lot of the tips are hopefully transferable to other degrees like using certain books, online courses, the ABA structure and STAR technique – what’s dentistry like? Sending you huge hugs Faridah ✨

    • Haha well after the shambles of the TSA Oxford said no pretty quickly but I was honoured they said yes in the first stages 🤣💛 I hope you’re having a great day Simran!!

    • @Mei-Ying Chow Doesn’t matter, you’ve been doing amazing and I’ve the confidence that you’ll continue to do so. I’m and hope you do too.

  1. Few questions:
    UCAS said to get straight to the point but correct me if im wrong you didnt?
    Why didnt* you go to Oxford?

    Should I explain things about myself like explain how I achieved so and so?

    (Love ur vids)

    • Hey!!
      1. My first sentence basically answered why I’m applying (in a poetic sense) – I want to study econ & management because nothing can equate to the satisfaction it brings me. I could have said it in more plain English but it was me just trying to make it sound pretty haha

      2. I applied for Oxford because I liked the e&m course and the prestige however, after the TSA round I was rejected – but they still accepted my PS and allocated me a college etc. Personally, I realised it was probably for the best as I tend to be a little more creative and thrive off balancing work with free time but that’s not really a thing at Oxford! I did do a vlog there with my friend that’s linked in the description- it was around exam time and so much stress in the air haha

      3. I would include how you got to the end result in one succinct sentence so “through x, y and z it led to us winning” just as long as they’re obviously relevant skills ✨ I hope that makes sense!!

  2. I was hoping for a video from you on how to write a personal statement!! Really been struggling with it these past few weeks, but this has definitely given me some ideas! Thanks ❤️

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