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♡ How much I spend in a week as a London Business Student || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

The video where I talk you through my weekly expenditures and give you my top tips for saving money as a student in London, especially when it comes to the weekly food shop! I break down my rent, bills: electricity, water, and WiFi, as well as my travel expenses and average social/ party/ meals out costs. Of course they do vary week on week and depending on the time in the year. December is always more expensive than the others and at the start of term when you are buying new society membership and stationery! Overall, I have given 3 different costing methods: 1. my cash outlay costs for the past week, 2. then the costs of what I actually used – as often a lot of my food lasts up 3 weeks and I pay travel monthly not weekly, and my bills weren’t expensed this week, and 3. a full costing approach, with education and university fees added in! If you didn’t feel like a broke student when you started watching… you certainly will by the end! However, hopefully some of my money saving tips and tricks help and if you’ve got any questions please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. It’s always so interesting to see how other people spend their money. I was surprised by how little you spent on your food shop, at the same time I was shocked by how high your rent is. Where I live we tend to pay a lot less.

    • I agree!! It’s so interesting to see others breakdowns and how much they can differ from person to person! Our rent was actually initially more but I was able to negotiate it down using our contract length which was very lucky! London is hella expensive 😬☺️

  2. I’m happy my video idea suggestion came to fruition after all haha!
    Keep uploading regularly!
    Accounting exam & I’m here before this video goes viral! 😉

  3. You’re obviously not cheap! You use Apple products! But really, I’m very similar, not cheap, but value for money is super important to me too, some people are so stupid with their money, it’s because they don’t know or appreciate the value of money. When one has experienced being broke, then one understands the value of money. Also, I wouldn’t count university fees as a cost as that’s an investment in your future.

  4. My dream is to study business at Kings but the only thing putting me off is the cost of living in London so this has given me some hope that I can do it on a budget lol! X

    • I completely understand! London finances are quite terrifying when it comes to uni as a lot of people start being independent at that age too. Kings does have a few bursary schemes and scholarships too so check if you’re applicable to those 🌟 if you have any more questions let me know xx

  5. Great video! Do you have any tips on finding a flat in Londons? I’m planning on applying for uni there for my masters, and I’m so stressed out about rent 🙁

    • Oooh yes I’d happily make a whole video on that. It’s certainly quite a stressful time and there isn’t much information anywhere. I would say don’t stress but when you want to find a place you will find one within a couple of weeks. The housing market moves super fast in London so there’s always new places but you have to be really on it for those few weeks with viewings and calling up etc. Good luck!! 🌟

  6. Hi, so I kinda DM you on your insta account regarding kings college.
    I kinda have some queries regarding it, as I am from India and i have planned to do my masters in forensic psychology from London, I found out about Kings College so just had a couple of questions regarding the environment and various other stuff about the university so it will be really helpful if you could get back to me…??😔😔
    Also, thank you so much for posting this video. It is really helpful for the international students to understand about the correct means of spending in one of the expensive place in U.K. so ….thanks for posting it. 🙂🤗

    • Good luck for your move Chrissy and you can get the t2 flask off their website or in their shops and you go to any t2 store on a Friday at any time. They’ve got quite a few – I tend to go to the Tottenham Court Road one!

    • Yesssss I love that recipe so much!! I haven’t made them in ages but might do that sometime this week actually. It’s so much cheaper than buying the bars 🥰

  7. “I’m not a cheap person but I like value and saving money”. We share the same vision. I’m not cheap, I’m frugal. Frugal is being resourceful

  8. this was so interesting!! since i live in nyc, everything is SO expensive and there’s not really reduced stuff, a wrap costs like $10/$15! I can’t imagine getting one for under $2 or so 😮 wild!

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