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I am a 26 yr old white female who is currently incarcerated at a federal prison in Minnesota.A long way from home and dont recieve any visits,let alone mail.I have been down going on 2yrs and still have along way to go.It gets very lonely here.I have meet some wonderful ladies here but its nothing like talking to a man.I need a man in my life.Rather its for friendship,brotherly advice or possibly a relationship.I lack that.And long for it.if you write me thru postal mail to begin with then I can add you to my e-mail list through the prison.

Here is my 411:

DeAnna McCay 10486-033

Federal Correctional Institute

PO BOX 1731

Waseca,MN  56093

Hoping to hear from you soon…till then…have a great day.  Sexymccay

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  1. Hello with love,
    Good morning or whatever the weather may be,my name is Alisa I’m tall and nice looking girl i just decided to drop you some words just to say hello and how was today, i will like to know more about you, and also i will like you to drop your email address here,for better communication,i will tell you about me,please and i will be very happy if you can reply me through my id,(alisaatut@hotmail.com)
    yours Alisa.

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