Female Travel Partner?

Seek FEMALE ONLY travel partner over 40 to Asia/world & link with adult transracial/Chinese adoptees.

About me:I'm a pretty laid back person, love seeing the world, being with good friends, adore delicious healthy food, seeing unbelievably beautiful places (ocean and countryside), listening/singing to int. music/power songs, and doing moderate adventure sports (biking, horse riding, quad biking, kayaking…). lucindawu2@hotmail.com

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  1. Hello with love,
    Good morning or whatever the weather may be,my name is Alisa I’m tall and nice looking girl i just decided to drop you some words just to say hello and how was today, i will like to know more about you, and also i will like you to drop your email address here,for better communication,i will tell you about me,please and i will be very happy if you can reply me through my id,(alisaatut@h otmail.com)
    yours Alisa.

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