what I get up to in summer || Brighton vlog x Lingoda ad

♡ summer 2020 brighton vlog | Mei-Ying Chow ♡

The video where I finally get wheeled out along the beach by my sister while she roller skates! I realised there were a lot of Dim Sum montages in this video but when I’m back at uni I’m going to need these videos to rewatch when I miss her… I also share the latest book I’ve been reading and the lovely dinner with dad on the Eat In to Help Out scheme.

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why I’m not talking to white people about race book:
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my sister's riedell roller skates:

watch my last video – answering your juicy assumptions

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If you’ve read this far in the description, comment below what languages you want to learn to earn some secret Chow points!

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  1. 2020 hasn’t been the best for any of us but I feel it’s a learning curve for years to come- content like this still gives me hope and joy even if things don’t turn out how you like it to be- oh and recover soon!

    • Thank you! That’s so kind 😘 I have a follow up in a few weeks so will hopefully see how everything is healing then 💕 have a great weekend!!

  2. I wanna learn so many languages but I have to say French and mandarin at the top!

    PS. This was a refreshingly nice vlog, always love your vids! Get better soon too 🙂

    • A solid 21 chow points for Luther 🏆 french is honestly such a beautiful language. I did try learning mandarin at chinese school but it’s so hard!! I have faith in you and thank you for such a sweet comment 💕 sending big hugs and I’m go glad you enjoyed the video 🥰

    • Mei-Ying Chow yeah Chinese is really hard but it’d be so worth it, imagine being able to beautifully converse between French and mandarin 😍 I have faith in both of us!!! I’ll be awaiting your mandarin vlogs! Your vids are the best who wouldn’t enjoy em

    • No sadly not! We don’t have air con in many homes in the uk. Our homes are built to keep the heat in during winter, so a summer heatwave is pretty gross haha ☀️

  3. Idk how you can be a full time student and still make such great quality videos! So many study vloggers are really motivational, it’s midnight now but I feel this urge to get out my textbook 😂

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