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♡ London university vlog 2020 || Mei-Ying Chow X King's college London ♡

I thought I would give you a bit of an updated day in the life of a second year uni student studying Economics & Management at kings college london, ironically I walk past UCL every morning before I get to uni! I take you into my 3 tutorials, which include corporate finance, macroeconomics and consumer behaviour as well as give you some insight into the modules I'm currently studying. I hang out with my friends in the kitchen and dining spaces a lot as well as the meadow… and of course try out the new sleeping pods on the 8th floor. I also have a fun friday hobby of popping to my nearest T2 for a free iced matcha and catch my friends reaction. It wouldn't be a friday without ending it with the highlight of my week – the fancy dinner with dad. Despite spilling my berry matcha down my clean white shirt, Janika and I just about managed to salvage it so I could feel all dressed up for Frenchie. Tell me those courses didn't make you salivate… I really hope you enjoyed this vlog and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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LARQ bottle –
Lenovo iBOOK tablet – My sister got this on the black friday sales a couple of years ago for only £200 so half price!!
MacBook Pro 13 inch retina display – you can often get student discount on apple products too!!
Canon g7x mark 2 again I'd wait for some black friday or boxing day sales as these often come down in price dramatically but they go quick!!
40m fairy lights

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    • Haha now for that… you deserve a whopping 50 points for being so observant! It didn’t copy over but it’s all updated now 😏 thank you for spotting and these past 2 weeks I’ve tried to be in uni from 9-6 and I will do as much work as I can then and once I’m home I stop working and that routine has really helped me be efficient with my time at uni. I would say one lecture a day is good for me incl. readings any tutorial work for that lecture and lecture notes etc

    • Frenchie! And thank you!
      That’s a really good routine! How do you find the motivation to do so? I find it really hard some times to do my work on time! Do you also do revision thought the term or just during the end and exam season? If you do revision throughout how do you juggle that and work also motivation??

    • Very cool video idea… I’m starting that Monday 😏😏😏 you genius thank you haha 🤜🏼👏🏼💪🏼 I’ll give you credit in the description for that!!

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