first day back at uni | King’s College London university vlog

♡ first day back at uni vlog || Mei-Ying Chow x Kings College London university♡

The video where I have my first in person classes back at university since covid-19 turned up. Welcome to my final year and all my other random shenanigans – including sewing my own face mask, propagating some plants, watching below deck and of course, a long awaited desk tour!!

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    • Ikr!! It’s gone so quickly for me too ☺️ I’m so glad my videos have given you some motivation and I wish you all the best for your studies lovely 🥰

  1. PE & VC….oh the memories! Great fun, enjoy it 💞🥰 Great video! ❤️ Perhaps you can stop by one day, we’d love to share our latest 😊🧡💚❤️

    • Yesss!! I’m loving it so much – I’m making my notes so beautifully with emojis and drawings haha thank you so much for supporting and that sounds lovely!

    • @Mei-Ying Chow Excellent, looking forward to seeing you here! I can’t wait to see your pitch to prospective LP investors with a presentation peppered with emojis lol <3

  2. Glad you still get to experience face to face lectures (even if they are cut short ) ☺️✨ My entire PGCE course is all online this year )):

    Also at 7:21, you went past my secondary school building that has been closed for a couple years now! Instantly felt nostalgic ahah x

    • Ahhh that’s so hard! I do feel for you as teaching is certainly something that benefits from being in person ✨ no way!! What a coincidence- I walk past there everyday and never see people or students go in or out! xx

  3. Hi Mei,
    Hope your surgery went well. Take care and all the best for the new semester or term. Looking forward to your study stream. Please let me know the time I’ll add it to my calendar so that I don’t miss it.

  4. Cannot believe you are already in your third year of uni! Such an amazing video! Saw your insta stories on your laser eye surgery i really want to do laser eye surgery. Anyway loved the video, hope you had an amazing day and i love you❤️

    • Same! It sure has flown by and yes the surgery was pretty rough but the worst is done now for sure. I’m going to do a whole video on it in a week after my follow up appointment. Feel free to send in any questions over on my insta story if you have any and I’m sending you huge hugs Hannah ☺️🌟

    • Hahaha yes I wouldn’t recommend if you have dentures 😆 but the next batch is a lot better luckily – honestly the pecans are THE best ❤️

  5. Could KCL accept you due to a really good personal statement over ur grades? So if someone had really bad grades(gcse) but amazing personal statement (lots of leadership roles and extracurricular) and ok A level grades could they accept?

    • I’m not entirely sure, but I missed my grades and got AAA instead of a*aa yet still got offered due to my personal statement and GCSEs I’m guessing. I think it depends how far below the grade requirements you are but leadership and extracurricular is brilliant though 💪🏼🌟 keep it up and good luck with your exams ✨

  6. it’s cool that you still have some teaching in person (and the diy alteration of your mask in admirable, i could never 😭😭) – loved the video!💖

    • Yess I’m so so grateful to have some in class teaching – it makes uni a lot more normal and enjoyable, even with an 8am tutorial!! I appreciate your kind words about my sewing – pretty much a seamstress now haha🧵 have a lovely day!!

  7. I can’t believe it’s your final year! I love your kings vlogs and you kinda „introduced“ me to the Uni. I wanna study there in my future so badly and those vlogs always motivate me to study ^^

    • Same!! It’s gone so quickly and im so grateful that you have stuck around for so long and supported me so thank you Anna 🥰❤️ good luck with your studies and keep working hard!! Kings will be lucky to have you!!

  8. ayy oml so many youtubers i watch have been sponsored by HP!!🥳
    sad times for me tho as i look at what i could have instead of my poor chomebook that’s on death’s door ooff

  9. I hope you enjoy your last year! Even with all the COVID restrictions! Lovely calming vlog as always!💖
    One question though, is there a reason you swapped rooms? It’s still the same apartment from last year isn’t it? Just so both of you could have the big room for a year or is there another reason?

  10. Your vlogs of student life at kcl have motivated me so much! I’ve been watching since your first year and it is crazy how time flies! I’m applying to king’s this year, I hope I make it but good luck to you for final year x

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