What to pack for university & what NOT to bring to uni

♡ the university packing list you never knew you needed || Mei-Ying Chow x Unite Students ad ♡

The video where I share my uni essentials packing list. I wish I had known about some of them before and certainly could've saved money from not buying things that weren't necessary! I hope you're all doing well and I'm sending you all bigs hugs and lots of love!

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things I mention!
examples of personalised crockery:
pink & gold
rose gold

sistema lunch boxes
40m fairy lights
glow in the dark stars £3.99

wall tapestries:
blue mandela
great wave
pink sunset

fuzzy dressing gown
electric blanket
cosy fluffy slippers
extension cable £4.90
handheld sponges & sponge heads & washing gloves can be found in poundland!

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  1. kings is my absolute dream uni for business management, i was wondering, since theres only one course for business and im leaning more towards marketing, do people pick business management but take marketing related modules? would that work out for jobs and such afterwards?

    • Yes! I believe first year the modules are compulsory but second year you can choose almost all of them. I chose marketing, entrepreneurship and consumer behaviour this year which are all business modules!! Good luck for application too 💕🌟

    • Ahh thank you so much Sanuji 🌹 I really appreciate your support and I hope you have a great day!! Sending big hugs to Srilanka 🥰

    • Ahh thank you haz 🌹 you’re too kind! That comment has certainly brightened my day 🥰 sending loads of hugs and love right back!

  2. Hi Mei ying I’m not in university yet as my a levels was cancelled this year. Firstly love these vids! Also I’m looking into buying apartments and renting it to 2nd year and 3rd year students. Weird question but do you have any advice for your current landlord as you are a 2nd year student. What things do they do well and what should they improve??

    • Hey! That sounds exciting and like you’re definitely making the most of the covid-19 situation. Student landlords definitely vary from place to place but the hardest things for us is that there are often lots of problems in this building with mould and the bed frames were broken, but going via our estate agents it’s been really slow to fix them. We’ve been having problems with our kitchen since September so that’s definitely an area that can be improved!

  3. Hey, I am having lots of problems with accommodation (purely due to King’s technical error when I was trying to book my room) will I be guaranteed accommodation? Where did you stay? A member from King’s Residence said I would be on a waitlist for Wolfson House but I really don’t want to go there. Help!

  4. thank you so much Mei-Ying, this was so helpful! I’m hopefully going to Birmingham uni in September and all this advice made so much sense 😊❤️

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