a week in my life – london university student vlog #ad

♡ a week in my life – university student vlog || king’s college london uni ad ♡

Welcome to my first weekly vlog – 70% of you guys said you preferred weekly vlogs over daily vlogs on my instagram so, I’m just giving the people what they asked! This vlog includes the odd bit of egg noodle chef mastery, with some “lockdown cleaning” – aka me attempting to adult. It seems to have become my new routine to work late into the night, so maybe after 21 years of living I’ve finally worked out I’m a night owl?

Thank you so much to cleanipedia.com for sponsoring this video – if only I had found your articles in first year!!

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cleanipedia article: how long do germs live on your clothes and how can you remove them?
white bedsheets:
plant terrarium £5
laptop stand
hair towel wrap:

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    • ahh thank you Sofia! It was so fun to film a whole week rather than just 1 day <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday xx

    • Right?! I almost loved filming that part of the vlog more than anything else – I was very tempted to just make a whole 15 minutes of cleaning haha

    • haha well three days prior I had it in plaits so it was pretty messy on the Monday – make sure you are having your biotin (eggs & peppers) – mum’s a hairdresser so she passes on the hair knowledge! Thank you so much for watching and always commenting – I hope you’ve had a great day xx

    • Definitely!! I love filming them and the feedback from you guys has been great so I certainly shall ❤️🥰 hope you’ve had a great Tuesday!

  1. I love a weekly vlog! I totally relate with the ‘wet hair to bed’ comment- my mum is the same! Also, do you recommend a salt lamp? I’m unsure whether to purchase one. Have a lovely evening Mei-Ying <3

    • haha it’s such a mum thing to say!! YEs!!! I highly recommend a salt lamp – it’s so nice to have a soft lamp before bed and my one has a little dimmer switch which is super nice on dark early mornings – https://amzn.to/3oZwb24 it is 15kg though… and I remember carrying this around London when I moved into the flat and I was soooo sweaty (so just a heads up – it’s heavy)!

    • Thank you so much Anna!! It’s a nice little therapeutic activity and I love watching the time lapses back haha <3 I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday 🙂

    • Thank you so much Imogen!! Meals are the one thing that get me through a day haha they are the one thing to get me out of bed in the morning ☺️ London misses you right back xx

    • I do feel you – I’m basically sat at my desk 80% of the day but I’ve been trying to make a fake timetable with my day and not work any more than an hour at a time and then go for a walk or bake etc. I’m sending you loads of hugs and I’m always here to chat ❤️ hope you have a lovely week phoebe xx

    • Hahaha thank you so much Saajan! That’s so kind of you!!✨ painting has certainly been a great form of procrastination from work and I would highly recommend it as an activity that isn’t staring at a screen 😆

  2. So great to see you love! I’m feeling a bit down today, it’s my pops bday and the third since he passed away, so it’s been a difficult day. Your videos make me feel good, cozy and at home. You’re so kind and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your week hun! =^.^=

    • I’m sending you all the love and hugs today – you are so lovely and deserve to feel good, cosy, and at home!! You’re certainly always welcome post-covid 🥰 I’ll be thinking of your pops and I’m sure he’s so proud of you and what you’ve done ✨

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