HOW TO SCRAPBOOK || diy journal ideas

♡ How to Scrapbook Ideas & Inspiration || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

This video where I decorate my scrapbook, giving you some of my top tips to create your own journal and show you all of the scrapbook tools! I hope it gave you some inspiration to start your own diary!

stuff 📦
polaroid document: download the google document and edit it offline by inserting photos of your choice into the template

square photo template:

dymo junior label maker:
gold and black label refills:

brown ribbon scrapbook A4:
brown ribbon scrapbook for UK folks:

Instax mini link printer:
Instax blue marble film:

date stamp:

background paper trim craft UK:
background paper trim craft worldwide:
christmas background paper:

clear sticker paper:
brown sticker paper worldwide:
brown sticker paper UK:
white sticker paper:

Stationerypal – stickers and backgrounds:

white gel pen:
staedtler black finaliser pens:
pentel black brush pen:
staedtler fineliner 20 colour pack:
staedtler fiber tip pack:

photo corner stickers UK:
photo corner stickers worldwide:

3m craft spray adhesive:
washi tape collection:
scotch masking tape:

alphabet stamp kit:
stamp pad sets worldwide:
stamp pad sets UK:

wax melt letter sealing kit:

clipmatic clips

washi tape collection:

watercolour half pan paint set:

da vinci watercolour paint brush set worldwide:
da vinci watercolour paint brush set UK:

300gsm watercolour paper:

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  1. Love the video!! Really appreciate all the links in the description, I’m planning to do something similar so it’s very helpful, also the editing is so great, love your channel <33

    • Haha that’s alright – took me a few hours but it will save time in the long run and I’m glad it will be useful for your new project!! Thank you so much for the lovely comment jade and I hope you have a great day ❤️

    • You’re so right!!! That would be perfect!! I might have to do another page for when their anniversary comes around 💜 that’s so thoughtful and creative 🥰

  2. This was the perfect video to watch after my online biology lesson after half-term! I love botanical gardens and the greenery in your Madeira page and it looked amazing!! Have a lovely week Mei-Ying <3

  3. hi this is a bit unrelated but I was thinking of applying to kings for economics and management and i was wondering if you could tell me how ‘mathsy” or like maths heavy the degree is thank you

  4. Love these pages so much😍I started my scrapbook a few weeks ago and I’ve tried to take inspiration from you but my pages haven’t turned out that great!😂x

  5. After months of searching, i finally got a scrapbook for my birthday two days ago. Now i can put your tips to use and start creating my scrapbook pages, can’t wait! 😀

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