my sunday reset routine – getting my life together vlog #ad

♡ student organisation and weekly refresh || sunday snow vlog ad ♡

thanks to for sponsoring today’s video – snowy sundays are my favourite days to get my life organised and ready for the week ahead. I’ve also been having the worst screen fatigue recently, where my head feels like I’ve been banging it against a brick wall repeatedly, so I thought I’d minimise my screen time just for one day this week and allocate some time to reset my body and my eye sockets! I’m sending you all love and a little reminder to go pamper yourself with a candle lit bath this weekend – you deserve it!! xoxo

things mentioned 📦:
article on how to hand wash clothes:

wooden bath tray:

anatomy of a scandal book:

recipe for spinach curry:

king’s female startup – diary planners:

the body source 15kg himalayan salt lamp:

oil diffuser:

one line a day – 5 year journal:

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  1. Having days like these are so important during lockdown!! Loved the video and honestly my diffuser relaxes me so much! I have this vanilla essential oil and it’s amazing. Have a lovely weekend Mei-Ying💖

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