Making Friends Over The Internet

Advantages and disadvantages of making friends online.

There is a huge difference between getting to know somebody in an online chat room and meeting somebody in person. There are both advantages and disadvantages of interacting with people over the internet that you need to bear in mind.

The internet is the best and easiest way to find people with similar interests from all parts of the world. You can share your problems with your internet friends and get sincere advice from them. Many people are more comfortable with expressing themselves online rather than expressing themselves in person.

Another advantage of socializing with people on the internet is that many people with busy lifestyles don’t have enough time to attend social gatherings and parties. For such people, internet is the only place where they can make new friends without putting in a lot of effort or wasting a great deal of time.

Then there are drawbacks associated with making friends online. Having an online profile inevitability requires people to post photographs of themselves. However, one needs to keep this in mind that many people post ideal photographs of themselves that are completely different to the “real thing”. There is a high possibility that people will post pictures of their friends or perhaps somebody they don’t even know. This is because they fear that they won’t be able to make friends if they show the real image.

Studies also reveal that the majority of people who pursue their social lives online are those who are unable to socialize in their real life. What it means is that you will not always find the best people over the internet. Making friends online can also be risky, particularly for young girls and boys who are unaware of the potential risks involved. Frequent chats can lead to invitations to meet in person. Many young people accept these invitations without thinking if their online friends can be trusted.

In short, there are both advantages and disadvantages of making friends over the internet. What you need to make sure is that the people you are communicating with are similar to what they claim to be.

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