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♡ a few days in my life – final year university student vlog || king’s college london uni ad ♡

Welcome to my little london university vlog. You get to watch me stress over my coursework while simultaneously spending a few hours each day either colouring, making sushi or going for long walks around Regents Park. What’s not to love! Although, my neighbour’s daily drilling activity is starting to drive me insane… I hope you enjoy the little life update 🐶

a HUGE thank you to vodafone for sponsoring this video – I’ve really enjoyed shooting some of this weeks vlog using their new partner phone – The Samsung Galaxy s21 – the extra slow mo shots… enjoy 💕

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Rebecca’s mocktail recipe:
1 lemon grated & squeezed
4 strawberries diced
1. 1:1 ratio of sugar: water on medium heat and stir until syrup consistency – aka it’ll start to thicken
2. add in your lemon juice and lemon rind – and strawberries if you want to
3. take off heat and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes
4. muddle your diced strawberries and mint together – or blend in a blender
5. add ice cubes and pour your lemonade syrup over the top
6. voila!!

4 ingredient creamy pasta recipe for 2 people:
– 200g of spaghetti & keep some of the pasta water to add to your creamy sauce so it’s not too thick
– 150ml of double cream
– 1 lemon
– asparagus
Then feel free to add garlic, salt and pepper, and you’ll need 1 pan
1. cook your spaghetti, and once cooked, drain it
2. fry up your asparagus with salt and garlic for 2 minutes
3. add the double cream
4. grate in the peal of the lemon and squeeze half the lemon juice in
5. then add back the spaghetti for a final stir
6. voila!

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    • Haha well it’s been a stressful few weeks but now only one more week of term and then all done until exams in May ☺️🤞🏼 good luck with your work too – you’ve got this ✨

  1. Congratulations on your results!!! I love making my friends cards too (water colours for me though!) What a great idea to include a plant cutting… if only I had green fingers!!

    • Oooh that’s so lovely – water colour cards sound really beautiful!! Do you paint from your imagination or from a picture? Thank you also Imogen – good luck with your exams too 💜✨

  2. 1. 8K video quality?? Ok android I see you 2. What even is the purpose of a reading week when King’s dumps us 2874564728 courseworks to get done by the end of the week 3. Congrats on getting a first sis!! You have to do a video on how you do it someday bc the people👏 need👏 it👏 4. Your walks in the park always makes me miss London so much 😍😭

    • You’re the best Chloe 🤩☺️ honestly reading week was torture but the end is finally in sight after this week 💪🏼 we’ve got this 🤞🏼 London and I miss you very very much – Regent’s Park walk as soon as you’re back? xxx

    • Hahaha no this is only in times of crisis when I’ve left everything till last minute – I spent this entire weekend watching Money Heist… 😅 sending you all the productive vibes for the week ahead

    • Aw thank you Marina – if you ever want a clipping to grow yourself let me know!! I’d happily send over a thank you card and a clipping of a spider plant or money plant!!🥰❤️

  3. I love day in the life vlogs! That pasta looks amaze so I’m going to try ASAP! Also, King’s gave me an offer to study there for 2021 🙂 Have a lovely week Mei-Ying <3

  4. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! I’m from boston and I am eagerly waiting for my KCL result ahhh super stressed- your UCAS personal statemnt video was what I used when I was planning my outline. much love from america lol

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