How to get a summer internship in London | a big four finance company

♡ how to get a summer internship in a big four finance company || Mei-Ying Chow x London Student ♡

The video where I share some of my interview experiences and how I accidentally ended up with a year long digital internship at Dior… Also I’m hope this helps to normalise the rejection… don’t worry, even my smartest and most amazing friends were rejected from some places – it’s okay but keep trying!

Last weeks video: weekly food shop haul – what i eat in a day

What’s happened to my internship since Covid:

Some of the best insight days I’ve been on:
M&G Women in Hedge Funds – insight day November
PwC Actuarial Insight Event – September
Bright Network Women in Leadership – vlog from that day:
Aberdeen Asset Management
Nomura Women’s Immersion Programme

Time Stamps!
Spring Weeks: 00:10
Where I applied to: 00:44
Salaries: 02:15
Insight Day tips: 02:48
What questions to ask at university fairs: 04:00
How to keep track of your applications: 04:35
Step 1 how to make your CV stand out: 05:01
Step 2 verbal reasoning & Critical Thinking: 05:38
Online Situational interview/ HireVue tips: 06:19
How to prepare for an In person interview/ assessment centre tips: 07:11
Fire round interview tips: 10:31

Glass Door:

Bright Network:



Whiteboard Paper:

The STAR method:

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    • Ah I’m so glad this video can help Sophie! If you need any other info feel free to shoot me a DM and best of luck with your applications <3

    • I was sent an email in September saying they had opened their applications – I just had to send in a resume and then an assessment day. I altered my CV quite a bit to fit to their media requirements and I emailed it in to their careers email! The role was to assist the head of E business through supporting E Retail and E commerce strategy! You can ask the careers team to add you to the emailing list when openings occur 💜

    • It’s not no! At assessment centres you often get a lot of people who have flown in from different countries. When it comes to grades you just have to convert them sometimes in your online application and there might be some extra steps when it comes to visas but they often welcome applications from anyone in the right year if study and with a passion for what they do! 💪🏼

  1. Dior Digital Intern! It’s so cool that you got that position!! (Even though the timing was wrong). These are really good tips thank you😊! You gave me a lot of ideas and a lot to research! Have a lovely day💕

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