7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

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“We must not speak with unfamiliar people.” Malavika Varadan, challenges this societal standard, by presenting 7 ways making discussion with any person.

RJ extraordinaire, Malavika Varadan, produces waves fairly literally with her morning show, Breakfast No. 1 on City 101.6. A passionate physical fitness fanatic, positivity ninja and drama queen, she has actually carved a benchmark in the radio market. At TEDxBITSPilaniDubai she will certainly decide to redefine connections.

This talk was offered at a TEDx event using the TED seminar format but separately arranged by a regional area.


  1. well… if you want to talk to anyone, it helps to look like her. If you
    want to talk to anyone, they need to want to talk to you. If a guy walks up
    to a girl and says hi, there is a good chance she will respond with: “Go
    away” or something similar. The fear of talking to strangers is a natural
    instinct. She also doesn’t understand that guys doesn’t talk as much as
    girls. This is like listening to a child talk about the difficulties of

    • +SlackHax I can sympathize with your point of your view, but that just your
      take on the world and not everyone else’s. Some people are actually
      genuinely interested in what other people have to say and meeting other
      people. Some girls are bitches, some guys are assholes, that’s just how it
      goes in my opinion. You will always find a downer no matter were you go.
      You have your personal preference with what you want to do with your time,
      I too, would also sit on the bus, or wherever and listen to music, but i
      also have my moods where i can strike up a conversation with the person
      beside me. I think its all about context. To each his own though.

    • women can talk can drive can vote can own land can own business can be jet
      fighters you name it only in saudi arabia they’re not allowed to drive as
      the Minister of Saudi arabia said himself :its not religion its cultural
      and women will have the right to drive in the near future”, infact Muslim
      women was the first women to have the right to vote and own a land way
      before any other part of the world. and an example the oldest continuous
      university is built by a Muslim women,,, so stop watching the Media and
      come visit and see yourself
      if you read about other religion books you’ll see that islam is the most
      fair to women ( example about something the media doesnt show you these are
      all from the bible “I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority
      over a man; she is to remain quiet” and “Let your women keep silence in the
      churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are
      commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will
      learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for
      women to speak in the church.” and also the bible says that the women who
      doesnt cover her head must shave it off, and much much more but thats
      enough while in islam its mentiond that heaven is under your mom’s feet,
      and that whom ever has a daughter she’s a door to heaven and quote “And for
      women are rights over men similar to those of men over women.” and it gave
      them the rights to own and vote…etc before any other culture or religion

    • Now I’m a woman and look decent, but what I’ll tell you is from reading a
      lot on the subject. I have had a hard time interacting with people. My
      approach is: 1. when walking up to people have a small smile on your lips
      and when I greet them (“Hey”), I smile a little more (people are much more
      approachable – and it seems like you are smiling more because you are
      talking to them.) 2. Then I politely state my business (“I was wondering if
      I may …”, “Wow, that’s really nice.” or some other small talk – use the
      environment and relevant information at your disposal). 3. I listen really
      well to what they are saying, so I can ask questions later – and impress
      them with my memory later (“So that thing X was when you were abroad last
      year?”). 4. And don’t interrupt – people have more to say then they even
      realize themselves. Silence forces the other party to share. (If this is
      not the case, look at body language: is the body and feet facing away – do
      you have the feeling they want to leave? Are they leaning forward and seem
      to want to engage?) 5. Also share, but listen mostly. I personally talk to
      much, but after I tried tuning into others and following these steps which
      work for me I easily make connections and I feel that others want to talk
      to me.

    • You are whatever you say you are…I don’t think you are…keep in mind
      that there are times when saying less is more and most people who talk too
      much are just nervous and insecure with the silent gaps 🙂 She does have
      good points though about making connections with others…it just takes
      practice. Good luck and be well 🙂

    • +Dhruv1223 Thank you for your comment. I finally realized that it’s no use
      wasting my time and waiting the whole life for one single person – maybe he
      is not worth it. In fact, I know someone in particular who I really like
      (and he likes me, too) but I never payed my attention to him because I
      always wanted to marry the other guy … (maybe this was a mistake). Two days
      ago I discovered the female YouTuber Banana Jamana and noticed that she has
      a similar background like me. I know it from her video “Why my voice is
      weird”. Somehow I can identify with her. Also, it encourages me to see her
      videos – because when she can do it, then I can do it (maybe), too.

    • 2JuliaG good do that. if anything that guy is like me 😛 I in the past have
      been really nice to a couple of girls but don’t end up in a relationship
      with them because they liked someone else. that someone else turned out to
      be a dickhead.

    • I know this is a week old but I really think you should google the youtuber
      *Mikasacus* and watch his video: *The Usual.* It changed my perspective on
      things as I’ve also always been very shy, but I’ve also always been able to
      talk to someone if I feel like I REALLY want to talk to that person. But
      that video helped me realize things, and change things.

      I hope you live a lovley life and find someone who you love and who loves

    • +Jinado1 Thank you for writing this comment – I watched this video today.
      I think that many people already experienced this kind of situation – no
      matter if shy or not. Most people would be hesitating starting a
      conversation even though this one could be the right person to be with (in
      a relationship). It’s so frustrating sometimes to know that it could have
      happened – but it didn’t. No one said a word but everyone wanted the other
      one to make the first step.
      And to know that there’s maybe no second chance can be even more
      But nevertheless – life goes on and another chance may come along. 😉

  2. My problem with conversations is that I just don’t care about other people.
    I don’t ask personal questions because I generally don’t care what the
    answer is. It feels dishonest to put it on.

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