Nighttime Makeup Tips

Nighttime makeup follows the same regime as daytime makeup, but with added dramatic effects. You can choose to completely remove your daytime makeup, or simply touch up various areas of your face. Emphasis should be placed on either the eyes or the lips to avoid a harsh, artificial look.

Re-touching Day Makeup

The first step is removing any clinging mascara clumps, eye shadow creases,
or uneven lipstick lines, foundation, and concealer with a clean cotton q-tip or tissue. Blotting paper is used to diminish excess oiliness.

Nighttime Face Makeup

Additional concealer or foundation can be applied under the eyes and on fading or problem areas. Apply your nighttime foundation in a slightly darker shade and finish with a pressed or compact powder to set your makeup. The contour of the cheekbone should be followed by brushing a darker color of blush, such as mauve or wine, along the cheekbone toward the ear, blending into the hairline.

Nighttime Eye Makeup

Dark eyeliner, carefully smudged above the upper lashes, will give a smoky, alluring effect. White or platinum colors can be used to highlight the eyebrow bone and silver, gold, or bronze eye shadow adds glow and glimmer to nighttime makeup. You may choose to reapply one or two coats of mascara or touch up with a few strokes on the tips of the eyelashes.

Nighttime Lip Makeup

Lipstick and a nude or neutral shade of lip liner should be redone and finished with a lip gloss for added shine.

Add Some Sparkle!

Glitter or sparkle can be dusted around the eyes, on cheekbones, or in dΓ©colletage to further enhance the glamour in nighttime makeup.

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