Daytime Makeup Tips

Daytime makeup is easily smudged up by most women and generally leans towards “a little more than needed” or “too less to even make a difference”. Learn the best way to apply makeup for daytime step-by-step for a soft, natural look.


Daytime makeup should begin with a fresh, clean face before applying a foundation to match your skin tone. Small dabs from a flat sponge or from your fingertips can be used. The sponge is needed to blend and smooth the foundation, omitting the neck or chin area.

Concealer and Powder

A concealer can be applied with fingertips or a brush on problem areas, such as redness or the darkening of the eyelid. The next step is dusting the entire face with powder, with sunscreen if necessary, using a large, round brush.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow, in a neutral tone, is applied over the entire eyelid, with a brush or sponge. In general, a darker shade of eye shadow is applied in the crease of the eyelid and a paler highlighter is used on the eyebrow bone.

Eye Liner

A thin line of eyeliner is drawn from the inner to the outer corner of the eyelid at the base of the eyelashes, using a brush, pencil, or other applicator. Lining the lower lashes is optional, but lining within the rim of the eye is unsafe. Brush or pencil in color to match your eyebrows, not your hair, filling in with no severe arching or defining.


The next step is applying mascara, with a brush or wand in two separate coats, allowing adequate drying time.


Blush should be brushed the length of the cheekbone toward your ear, following with a sponge to blend the color.


The finishing touch is lipstick in a shade to complement your daytime makeup. Using a lip lining pencil or brush helps to compensate for thin lips or small mouths.

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