looking for a chinese boyfriend

wonderful fruit

wonderful fruit
my name is orna and i am a 54 years old (look much younger) israeli female,single.
i have a master degree in pure mathematics and i am also a chinese and natural medicine therapist.

i am very interested in the chinese language,culture,history and people.
i can speak some chinese.

i am looking for a chinese guy about my age for true and longlasting friendship online untill we will able to meet.

feel free to contact me:

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  1. Hi Dear My name is miss mabell ,i am single and 5.5ft.How are you,i hope your are find and in sound health.I went through your profile today and i took interest on it.I am interested in your profile,Kindly contact me. (mabell42009@live.com) I will tell you more about myself and picture Thanks mabell

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