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Did you know that when you’re a part of several friends list/network, Blogs, etc; your profile is enhanced to receive many viewers/visitors (Double Exposure)! Also, out of approximately six billion people on earth today, there are about 400 questions most people ask/Come and see/Learn something about most things… (It’s absolutely Free)! If you have any questions; please don’t hesitate to contact me. Regards, Mel (Army Sgt Maj/Retired/A verified member)! Hello! My name is Mel (Hammer1944), Army Retired Sergeant Major (27 years). For the last ten years I’ve read at least many different Bibles besides the original King James version; and they all were worded slightly differently; some even vague, confusing, etc. One day I found out that the original Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic (not English). I discovered that many alledged scholars/preachers/teachers, etc; are not experts in the aforementioned languages. They should at least know something about the languages and use the proper tools available to correctly translate before presentation. Instead (in many cases), they transliterate it (not teaching or expressing the Word exactly as it was written). This sometimes creates errors/misunderstanding, ambiguity, vagueness and even confusion. This system will show you step-by-step on how to properly translate versus transliterate by using tools like the Strongs Concordance with numbers that explain each word, Smith Bible Dictionary, etc. You can check every word and get the correct meanings and usages (This should only be done with a King James version, dated 16ll). Afterward, you will get the real meaning and understanding about all things that Jesus fortold us:1Th 5:21 Prove1381 allthings;3956 hold fast2722 that which is good.2570 (Check out what somebody tells you and see if it is true or false)Mat 24:5 For1063 many4183shall come2064 in1909 my3450 name,3686 saying,3004 I1473 am1510 Christ;5547 and2532 shall deceive4105 many.4183 (Anti-Jesus followers or ignorant presenters)Mar 13:23 But1161 take ye heed:991, 5210 behold,2400 I have foretold4280 you5213 all things.3956
So, let us occassionally gather as a Group Bible Class in My Group – The Translators.

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