exam vlog 📝 a few days in my life as a london uni student ad

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thanks to the ONS for sponsoring today’s video – this is pretty much a dream collaboration for a business student… can’t wait to run more regressions on the #census2021 data 😎
Enjoy the little behind the scenes of a photoshoot with canon – I’ll let you know when the article comes out. I hope my sushi making and scrapbooking balanced out the exam & interview stress – love you all very much and go outside and enjoy the sunshine 🌤 xoxo

things mentioned 📦:
fill out the census here and remember to put your uni term-time address: www.census.gov.uk/students

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brown ribbon scrapbook A4:

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    1. no way!! Look at you studious students!! That was perfect timing – best of luck with your work and I hope you have a lovely weekend ☺️

    1. when the sun hits my bed, sometimes I lie there and pretend im sunbathing on holiday. When I sit outside on my “balcony” for fresh air, it’s basically like taking a walk 😂

    1. I was brought up in Brighton which is a very vegan friendly place and so a lot of my childhood was actually pretty vegetarian. I’d say a solid 50% of the meals I would eat were vegetarian. I try to only consume fish and meat from quality supermarkets – but I rarely buy meat as my flatmate is pescatarian!

  1. Where did you get your laptop raiser/platform thing? I have such bad posture when I’m working on my laptop so I think something like this would help ☺️ x

    1. You gotta try the M&S ones… also melt in the middle haddock ones from lidl are my go to when there aren’t any M&S bargains 😏✨ haddock > salmon > cod 💪🏼

    1. @Mei-Ying Chow It is my dream to live in london but i cant even travel to the UK rn bc of covid so your vlogs make these no travel days so much better!!! <3

    2. Ahh no way – London is really lovely (when everything is open) ✨ fingers crossed you can come and visit soon 🤞🏼 stay safe in the meantime!!

  2. Hello Mie!! 😀
    Do u mind if I call I that, I don’t know what ur name is 😅
    Edit: I love how u always respond to nearly everyone’s comment, your so sweet 🙃

  3. I always love your vlogs! I’ve got a conditional offer from Kings recently and I’m definitely firming them so your vlogs make me even more excited then I already am 🙂

    1. no way!! HUGE CONGRATS 🎉 that’s brilliant news – best of luck with your exams and I’m so happy for you!! Thank you also for such a lovely comment and I’m so glad you enjoy my videos xx

  4. Your vlogs always inspire me to be more productive, I love how you organize your time so you can finish work and enjoy time outside (I really need to learn how to do that haha)! Much love <3

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