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I am a divorced woman, age 44, looking for male pen pals around my age group for a warm, close, long term, online friendship who can write on a frequent basis. I work in the healthcare industry and I am a people friendly person. On my time off, you will find me passionately engaged in my hobbies or writing to e-mail friends. You will find that I am a very deep and intense individual on emotional, spiritual, and philosophical levels, and I would love to talk with men who are the same. I am down to earth, and I have a good sense of humor and I love to laugh. I enjoy sharing about my life, and getting to know some one else's life, thoughts, and ideas as well. I am into having deep, engaging,and intelligent conversations with the opposite sex. My favorite topics are human nature, and relationships. I find it interesting and fascinating and I would love hearing a man's point of view on those subjects and more.
I tend to analyze everything and I place more importance on a person's actions and deeds rather than on their words alone.

You will find me open, honest, sincere, easy to talk to, good-natured, friendly, passionate, articulate, spiritual, genuine, and non-judgmental, and a kind, caring, gentle soul.

I am 5'4", weigh 112 lbs, I have long blonde, wavy hair, and brown eyes.

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