the last king’s college london uni weekly vlog 🦋💙 counselling, exams, internships

♡ my final king’s college london university student vlog || uni exams, counselling, securing my internship ♡

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    • internship vlogs and a graduation vlog will be on the way over summer! I would happily do a morning grwm – I do the same makeup every time but I do love a bit of skincare 🥰

    • @Mei-Ying Chow thank you that’d be so great! I have the same tapered eyelids as u and I’d love to see ur eye makeup! so excited for future vlogs too <3

  1. oh my god congratulations for your internship! I am so excited for you, ’cause you seemed so happy <3
    I got my "mid-school" graduation certificate yesterday! now only two years left in high school 🙂
    btw I love the earrings they look lovely

    • thank you so much Anna!! I’m honestly over the moon and I have the go ahead from the company to vlog my experience which is perfect -I’m looking forward to sharing it with you 🥰 also huuuuuge congrats!! That’s so exciting 🎉best of luck with your studies lovely!

  2. Yayyy was waiting for a video notification :). Congrats on your internship im so happy for you, i hope you have a great time. Love you and ur videoss take caree 💕💖

    • thank you yasmin 🧡 It’s been a hectic few weeks but the videos shall be back to normal from now! I can’t wait to share my first day on the job 🥰 sending all the love and hugs – take care!!

  3. Ah Mei Ying I don’t blame you for seeking a bit of help given all the change in life with coming to the end of uni, my personal tutor has helped me a lot by just listening and reassuring me that it’s normal to feel a bit wobbly x

    • ahh I’m so glad your personal tutor has been a good support for you ✨ that’s so lovely to hear!! I’m so grateful for the support at kings and it certainly has made a huge difference to my mindset 🥰 sending all the positive vibes your way x

    • 🥺 that’s so sweet! I’m so glad you enjoy the vlogs so much – I’m slightly behind atm with them but there’s more on the way! Sending all the good vibes your way Sem 🧡

    • There’s a graduation vlog and some internship vlogs on their way!! Luckily I won’t be leaving London till September so will try and make the most of it 🥺❤️ thank you so much Siddharth!!

    • Home is in Brighton but the job might be up in Edinburgh, Scotland! I’m not entirely sure on plans but just goin with the flow atm haha ✨🧡

  4. this made me emotional and so nostalgic, can’t believe its the last kcl vlog how has it been 3 years??!!! so excited for your next chapter my love, love you so much xxxxx

    • Haha ikr – they’ve flown by buttt the graduation vlog of us traipsing around london getting pics in our gowns will probably be my favourite 🥺🧡 love you so so so much xxx

    • Oh, how I’ve missed you!!! It’s been a hectic few weeks finishing uni and starting my internship but I’m back and ready to crack them out again 🤩✨

  5. Congratulations on getting the internship! tho I’m gonna miss your kcl vlog so much :(( and your pajamas shirt saying dim sum, loss(sth like that haha) is soooo cute!

    • Thank you so much Amanda!! That too was actually my merch I brought out a few years ago for dementia uk 🥰❤️ I was thinking about relaunching at some point and will definitely let you know if I do. There’s gonna be a graduation vlog and a few more London ones while I’m here over London but it was so sad finishing 🥺✨

  6. congrats on the internship !! i discovered your channel quite recently and basically watched all of your videos in a week,, you inspired me to want to apply to kings college! i wish you luck in all your future endeavours, although i will certainly miss seeing the kcl vlogs pop up in my subscription box 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! That’s such a wonderful comment 🥺❤️ that’s really made me smile!! I wish you all the best of luck with your studies and uni applications but don’t worry – London graduation vlogs will be coming over summer ✨

  7. You have a beautiful personality, whoever is your friends are really lucky! By chance, do you know that girl’s channel from Poland you met?

    • Ahhh you’re so lovely – you seem so sweet and I’m sure your friends are lucky to have you 💜 weronika czubek is her name 🥰 she’s so cute!!!

    • Awww Selin 🥺🥺🥺 you know exactly what to say haha thank you so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed the vlog and I hope you have a wonderful day lovely x

    • Thank you so much!!! It’s so so so busy but I’m loving it so far – I hope you’re doing well gorgeous🦋💙

  8. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through this vlog then smiled so hard when you said you got internship my face hurts now aaaa😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ so so proud of you always !

    • my ammarsbarrrr 🥺💙🦋 I’m so proud of all of us – I love you very much and thank you for being the cutest as always!!

  9. Please make a video on all the student hacks/coupons/vouchers/discounts available in London. I’ll be starting at LSE in September and couldn’t be more excited but dreading the high living cost 🙁

    • Oooooooh yessss 🤩🤩 this is my kinda video – I’d love love love to make a video like that haha and best of luck for September!! You’ll smash it 💪🏼🍾

  10. You’re so lucky to have been accepted for an internship! Good luck with it! I’ve been trying for 2 months and haven’t even been called for interviews (also doesn’t help that my industry is tourism management 🙃).

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