my laser eye surgery experience vlog

♡ from terrible eyesight to 20/20 || my laser eye surgery vlog || pre-surgery & post lasik surgery experience ♡

The video where I walk you through:

00:06 my history with glasses from the age of 8
00:29 benefits & reasons why I chose to do the surgery
00:45 my prescription and the risks of working w/ a high astigmatism
01:45 how lasik works
02:05 pre-surgery check ups & requirements – you can't have dry eyes
04:14 the surgery day – crying, clamp and bruising
08:25 the following day – headaches, sitting in the dark
09:45 post-surgery going – eye drops, getting back to sport
12:25 so no more glasses?
14:35 expensive?

the ear cuffs that stop your glasses falling down – amazing things –

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