• Danny Stuart

    4 months ago

    Are you tired of guys who lack honesty, sincerity and respect, and are done with seeing the same old personal ads and lies?

    Write to me at: Danny Stuart # 285556, Box 3300, Florence, Arizona. 85132.



    I am looking to connect with people and share our unique stories. What I hope to find are friends whose days I can brighten, and maybe something more if the stars align. I’m a very open person who does not judge anyone and I love to laugh and have fun. One of my strong personality traits is my ability to stay positive thru adversity. I prefer to project that same positive influence to those around me. Physical fitness is very important to me as it keeps me agile, as well as is education. I believe a person never truly stops learning and am continuing my education. I believe each and everyday we can learn something new. I like to listen music of all different genres. Hobbies that I have are the culinary arts such as making Asian dishes and different types of desserts, meditating to stay sound of mind, I like to constantly challenge myself both learning and trying new things, and lastly, appreciating a good cinematic story!

    I previously lived in Germany, and now find myself residing in the Midwestern United States. What I’d gained from these experiences was invaluable in getting to meet new people from different walks of life and hearing about their different perspectives. To add to my overall life experiences.

    I can assure you that if you choose to write me, I promise great conversation, not keeping you waiting for my reply, and more than enough smiles and laughs to keep us both entertained.

    I love snail mail but if you’d like to message a little faster my facility offers email services. All you do is sign up through Securustech.net and Jpay.com for an account

    I Look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to make you smile. Take care.