Dear Companion,
My name is Madam Caroline Dickson; I am the Public Relation Officer of
the Hurricane Rebuilding Program Committee.
Now, as the months drag on, New Orleans, Louisiana has been removed
from the headlines. But homelessness, strained living conditions,
separation from friends and broken lives still bring day-by-day tears,
heartache and humiliation unimaginable to the non-Gulf Coast dweller.
The effort to rebuild New Orleans, Louisiana involves everyone. We
welcome your thoughts and ideas as the planning and design process of
recovery and rebuilding begins. The Hurricane Rebuilding is likely to take
up to five years, according to report from the American Institute of
Architects. It is therefore our assignment to invite skillful organizations,
students, youth, unemployed men and women to take part in the Rebuilding of
Hurricane Affected Cities Program. As the Public Relation Officer of the
Hurricane Rebuilding Committee, I wish to bring to your knowledge that
we had been able to secure support from our partners, donors, and the
State Government of the United States. Flight tickets grant and visas
support will be render to international volunteers that require entry
visas to the United States.
If you are willing and ready to render a helping hand in the Rebuilding
of Hurricane Affected Cities Program, please contact Sandra Kelly at or fax:  + 1-432-224-4209. Tell her you are been called
upon by Madam Caroline Dickson to be part of the hurricane-rebuilding
Looking forward to your participation.
Yours faithfully,
Madam Caroline Dickson
For Hurricane Rebuilding Committee

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