Homies is the slang word for jurks

Homies think that they are coll in all but there jurks what they really are, there jurks real big ones too. they only think about themselfs and they always walk around with there pants past there butt, that is just gross. i once dated a homie but they dont have to be black if thats what everybodys wondering but he was white and he was a total jurk he always wore his pants past his but and they were huge i asked him one day are those you pants? " He said their my dad's" and he was an jurks, oh and he thought he was a homie all up in that black stuff but he wasnt he was just a jur. at keast im not dating him anymore and he is still a jurk and he is still wearing his dads pants, still swearing and calling people F***** and anyother bad name out there! there just jurks i hate them with a capita H (HELL) thats were there going to go.

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