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  • “We must not speak with unfamiliar people.” Malavika Varadan, challenges this societal standard, by presenting 7 ways making discussion with any person.

    RJ extraordinaire, Malavika Varadan, produces waves […]

  • Life contains experiences and also most of us aim to obtain all that we can. Things is, just what is an experience, if it could not be shared. Share it with a penpal.

    Penpals have actually been about as long as […]

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    I shall be too interested to you. as you know I am an Indian executive of 45 year old,  I like to travel, web surfing, watching t.v., Indian and Hollywood films,  I don’t open the site regularly, hence you nee […]

  • my story of why im interested in a pen pa; is verry long so all im gona say for now is that im extremely lonely and verry depressed bout it has to do with mental illnes

  • The way that people are using social bookmarking online nowadays is different than how they used to approach it. Some of the original bookmarking sites have been put to rest and new ones (as well as new […]

  • I’m adopted from Guatemala, so my real name used to be Sherleen Isabella Garcia. Now I am Alyvvia. Aka Liv for short. I’m a Christian girl, twelve and a half years old.

  • Feels like every compormise we accpet we lose something in return, That every backroad has a dead end, you have to start over to see where it lost you in order not to fallow it again. No one real want to spend […]

  • Help! I am looking for snail mail pen pals willing to discuss their own and my work via snail mail and trade manuscripts via email. I am working on three different writing projects: 1. a novel 2. nonfiction 3. […]

  • How do I get my profile off this website???? I hate it

  • my name is orna and i am a 54 years old (look much younger) israeli female,single.i have a master degree in pure mathematics and i am also a chinese and natural medicine therapist. i am very interested in the […]

  • my name is orna and i am 54 years old srom israel. i am very interested in china,language,culture,history and people.i am a chinese medicine therapist and a mathematician. i can speak some chinese and write […]

  • Looking for penpals:) Heya, I’m brittney, and I am a single 13 year old girl from the USA. I love to write, chat, text, ride on rollercoasters, etc. My favorite tv show is charmed, I wish I had the kind of love […]

  • Hi, my name is Katrin, I am female, 43 years old and I live in a small town in the midst of Germany. I am looking for some new penfriends, because writing letters is one of my favourite hobbies since I was 10 […]

  • I’m looking for new penpals and I promise I’m friendly and non-judgemental! Not picky about ethenticity! Love all peoples! Hey everyone, my name is Sarana Rose Anne Amane and I’m looking for new penpals! I’m not […]

  • If you our anyone you know would like to write a letter via snail mail.  then send a friendly letter to Donnell Sanders R00783 P O Box 711 Menard IL  62257 he would love to to get a nice friendly letter

  • Hello All, I’m new to this site and I”m looking for new friends. I”m caring, sweet and always have a good sense of humor. Amyone want to talk and become friends?

  • Hello All, I’m new to this site and I”m looking for new friends. I”m caring, sweet and always have a good sense of humor. Amyone want to talk and become friends?

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    Not pleased with this site at all! If you want to find penpal’s go to penpalgarden.com   It’s free If anyone can tell me how to delete my profile it will be greatly apriceated.   thank’s

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